• Amazon code generator

    Find out how to get Amazon gift card code for free

    OK, I know what was your intention when arriving to this page. You want to know, or exactly, you want to find a way to get lots of free Amazon gift codes. Well, after you found to this website, you actually will have the access for unlimited Amazon card codes for free. Yes, ‘a lot’ is not enough, so I will show you the ‘unlimited’ one. Keep reading!


    There is no method, it’s just a program called Amazon gift card generator that will let you generate free Amazon codes you can redeem on your account. You can use the application right away from its official website. Click this link to visit the page, read the whole page, watch the video, and you will understand what this tool is all about. I will not repeat what have been explained there, but I’m going to share you my experience with this generator.


    I didn’t found this Amazon gift card code generator, a friend of mine told me about it. And yes, for sure it is not my application as I am not that great. I know nothing about programming let alone hacking and creating such amazing program. I am just a, very, satisfied user who wants to share it with other people so they can also get the benefit of it.


    I should be honest here, at first when my friend told me about his finding of free Amazon gift card I thought it was just a gift or reward from a contest held by a website like usual where the chance of getting the gift is very minimal. But when he showed me the tool and saw it in action by my own eyes, including how he redeemed it successfully, it’s like seeing magic happen in front of my eyes.


    I then just tried it myself and yes it really works. I got the free Amazon gift card code right away, printed on my browser ready to be copied and pasted into my account. I redeemed it and it was valid and I see the funds stored on my account. I got a $100 gift code that time. I tried to use the money to pay item I bought, it was a small RC car, and it went trough smoothly. I just ordered a remote control car from Amazon for absolutely free. And yes, I got that toy sent to my address few days later.


    Since I know that it is real, I can’t stop myself to use this Amazon code generator every single day. While I can generate unlimited codes on a day, I limit myself to just redeem one code a day, and use the funds directly. So yes, from that day, I always have something from Amazon for free, almost every single day.


    I don’t know if it is safe to redeem multiple codes everyday, but I don’t want to be greedy and finally ‘raise a flag’, if you know what I mean. I want to stay under the radar here. And actually, it is the same friend that told me to do it that way. Don’t be greedy, we’re not trying to get rich here. No need to risk of getting detected by their system. That was what my friend told me, and I follow his advice. And so far, everything runs smoothly.


    I have been using the generator for several months now, I can’t remember how many free Amazon gift cards I have redeemed so far, but it is a lot for sure. I also can’t remember what items I’ve ‘bought for free’ with the help of this generator. It is really tempting to use more codes each day, but I really suggest you to keep it minimal and just redeem one code a day. It will ensure we are staying below the radar so this Amazon gift card generator tool will keep working.